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How to rank your website in 2023 in India?

how to rank your website in 2023

Ranking of your website defines the level or where are standing or growing in the search engines. In the era of Digitalization, everyone is moving towards internet marketing or Digital Marketing. People nowadays are preferring online shopping rather than going to the market. So, it is a golden opportunity for merchandisers to grow their services and products online.

The website defines the level or where is standing or growing in the search engines.

For growing your products and services your online or search engine presence is very important. Online Presence makes brand awareness among people or has a great impact on the mind of people. You must understand the people’s needs and what they want.

The online presence of your products and services grows your business that’s why you need to have a website on google or any other search engine. Website or presence of you in search engine result pages (SERPs) will help you spread your brand awareness.

A website is a must in that time of digitalization to improve your business. Generally, a website tells your history, services, Client History, goals, etc. You must give your all information about yourself. After all the stuff you must maintain or increase the visibility of your website in search engine result pages in search engine.

If your website ranks higher in the search engine you have more traffic that’s great for you to have more business If your website is ranking on the Fourth-Fifth Page user are feeling that this website is not worthy Because users mostly check the first page of the search engine Pages.

The website plays an important role because your all traffic depends on the Visibility of the website in search engines.

Steps to improve the Visibility of your website in the search engine result pages.

  1. On-page SEO.
  2. Off-page SEO.
  3. Technical SEO.
  4. use an alt tag.
  5. Mobile Friendly.
  6. less load time.
  7. Publish rich quality content
  8. Up to date your data

On-Page SEO

On-page is a search-friendly SEO. On-page SEO refers to optimizing the parts of your website to increase the visibility of your website.

On-Page SEO contains many things like


>Title of the page

>Key words

>meta description


Content –

Content –

Content in SEO Refers to creating Content that helps your web pages to rank high in search engines. It includes everything to do with the writing and structuring of content on your website.

Title of the page –

A page title also known as a little tag is a short description of a webpage that appears at the top of a browser window and in SERPs.

Keywords –

The keyword is a word or phrase that describes the content of your webpage.

Meta description –

A meta-description tag generally informs and interests users with a short, Relevant summary of what a particular page is about.

Slug –

A slug is the part of a URL that identifies a particular page on a website in an easy-to-read form.

Off-Page SEO

Backlinks –

Creating backlinks is at the core of off-site SEO. Backlinks are links from one website page to a page on another website.

Social media marketing –

one of the most productive ways to extend the reach of your content is social media marketing. generally, this is the most effective Off-Page SEO technique.

Forum Submission

Forum Submission is a way for online Discussion Sites To discuss the points of you’re given topic and submit your feedback to the topics and your website name it is a way to share knowledge and also helps a website by collecting backlinks.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is to optimize the websites and servers to make a better ranking of your website.

  1. speed accuracy.
  2. mobile friendly.
  3. better site map.
  4. use all the tags.

Use an alt tag

The alt tags are the parts of HTML and XHTML documents to specify an alternative text. The alt attribute provides information about the images if a user is unable to view them. An alt tag is used for image purposes.

Mobile Friendly

At this time of digitalization, everyone has a smartphone because the smartphone is a need of today’s time. Peoples nowadays are dependent on mobile so you must make your website friendly.

Less Load time

Load time is a simpler concept referring to the time it takes to download and display an entire individual webpage. This includes all page elements, such as HTML, scripts, CSS, images, and third-party resources.

Also, you must Focus on the load time of the website.

Publish rich quality content

There is no substitute for good content, so you must publish content that people are looking for and you must positively present your content.

Up to date your data

you must update your content regularly on your website Writing additional content, rich with keyword phrases, on your departmental news blog can also boost your search engine rankings. Blog posts can even be shorter updates about the specific topics you are targeting. Interlink your related CMS webpages and blog posts when it helps give the reader a better picture or additional information about the topic.

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